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Dixie Grace's Boiled Peanuts Co.

Dixie Grace's PINK SALTED Boiled Peanuts

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Dixie Grace’s traditionally SALTED Boiled Peanuts are handmade seasoned to perfection using ONLY the healthiest of salts - slow cooked in very small batches creating a taste that is soft and gentle with a touch of sweetness.

Our traditionally SALTED Boiled Peanuts are prepared with only the finest of salts unrefined, all natural and Kosher certified - mineral rich containing more than 80 mineral elements, including potassium, iron and calcium.  All of these minerals aid our body's natural detoxification process and promote the removal of bacteria.

Add one of our unique BOILED PEANUT TOPPERS for a whole new mouth feel experience:    EVERYHTING BAGEL - BURNIN'HOT - COWBOY RUSTIC - HOT INDIAN CURRY