A Modern Twist on an Iconic Snack

Dixie Grace has sourced premium ingredients and developed an artisanal cooking process to unleash the amazing taste, texture, and health benefits of boiled peanuts in the world. And with the re-engineered grab-n-go format, you can enjoy boiled peanuts anywhere.


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Our Taste Test Speaks for Itself

Our 97% taste test conversion rate speaks for itself - once people try our peanuts, they can't get enough. Here’s what some of our customers are saying!

How Do You Eat a Boiled Peanut?

Boiled Peanuts are known as the “Edamame of the South” and can be eaten in a similar fashion. The most basic way is to simply:

  • Break open the shell
  • Eat the peanut kernels inside
  • Repeat

There is no wrong way to eat a boiled peanut (you can even eat the shell).


  • How to Store?
  • How to Reheat?
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