Snack on Nostalgia

Dixie Grace believes snacking should be healthy and indulgent. We started with boiled peanuts and hummus at NJ farmers' markets in 2022. Our unique and delicious products became a hit among customers, boasting an impressive 97% taste test conversion rate.
Inspired by the southern tradition of boiled peanuts and demand for healthier options, we made a brand that serves both health-conscious and indulgent customers. Our boiled peanuts are keto, paleo, gluten-free, and 4x higher in antioxidants than roasted ones, with numerous health benefits.
Today, we're thrilled to be leading the boiled peanut revolution, disrupting the snack industry with a healthier, tastier, and more nostalgic alternative.

The Dixie Grace Difference

Dixie Grace's Boiled Peanuts wasn't just a business idea - it was a calling. Dixie Grace followed her hunch that others would love boiled peanuts as much as she did, and soon discovered the incredible health benefits of this iconic southern snack. Now, we're proud to be the first company to take boiled peanuts mainstream and sell them as a commercially viable, premium product nationwide.
Our peanuts are handmade and slow-cooked in small batches with premium ingredients, ensuring the best possible taste and quality. We believe in respecting tradition while adding a playful twist, and our innovative flavors and toppers are a testament to that. Our ultimate goal is to become a philanthropic business, offering community-based franchise opportunities to help others help themselves!

A classic Southern Snack, Reinvented!

Boiled Peanuts are also known as the "Edamame of the South" or a “Wet Legume” and is one of America's oldest snacks since the early 1800’s. Boiled Peanuts are not crunchy or sweet. They are a shock to your senses…deliciously savory and rich - they are soft yet firm - addictively salty - slippery - squirty AND unbelievably NUT-ritious. They have remained a seasonal southern delicacy UNTIL NOW

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