SHIPPING Terms and Conditions

It is super-duper important to Dixie Grace that your Boiled Peanut experience is amazing.  We’ve sourced the most mindful and conscious packaging possible. The nuts are good for you the packaging should be good for “us”.  Dixie Grace’s Boiled Peanuts are FROZEN FRESH (i.e., quickly frozen while still fresh).  Flash freezing food prolongs the freshness and retains its nutritional value.

SHIPPING PROVIDER:  All packages are shipped via USPS Priority Mail Express – provides next day to 2-day delivery service by 6pm with a money back guarantee. NO DELIVERIES on Sunday’s or Holidays. 

SHIPPING DAYS:  Dixie Grace’s Boiled Peanuts are shipped from our New Jersey location on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Wednesdays ONLY.  Orders are processed within 24 hours of payment.

BULK ORDERS: Bulk purchases of 3 lbs. or more are cooked fresh to order and frozen fresh.  Bulk purchase orders are processed within 24 hours and shipped within 72 hours of the processed order.  Normal shipping terms and conditions apply.

VACUUM PACKED: Dixie Grace’s Boiled Peanuts are frozen fresh and VACUUM PACKED in microwavable cooking bags to reduce aerobic bacterial growth, mold, fungus, protects from dehydration, freezer burn, and preserves food for an extended shelf life.  Take vacuum sealed boiled peanuts directly from freezer or fridge to microwave

GRAB-N-GO Natural Kraft Resealable Stand-up Pouches.  VACUUM PACKAED Boiled Peanuts are placed in Resealable GRAB-n- GO Natural Kraft Stand up pouched. Our RESEALABLE grab-n-go kraft bags are constructed with a foil-lined, food-grade laminate interior to provide the highest protection against, oxygen, moisture, and UV light. 

HINT: After following “Heat Instructions” place Boiled Peanuts in the resealable Kraft pouch and GRAB-n-GO😊.  Take your savory high protein snack with you.  

2-DAY DRY ICE – Dixie Grace’s Boiled Peanuts are shipped with “Nice Packs” 2-Day Dry Ice Packs - for Shipping Frozen Food.  Nice Packs stays food frozen for an extended period and are REUSEABLE, leak-proof, non-toxic, food safe and environmentally safe. (PLEASE…use the 2-Day Dry Ice a few more times; they are great for lunch bags, coolers and great relief for sore muscles).

INSULTATED THERMAL MAILER - Dixie Grace’s Boiled Peanuts orders are encapsulated in a Thermal Metalized Insulated Flex Foam Mailer Bag to ensure extra protection, cushion, and insulation for temperature sensitive food products for up to 48 hours in transit.  The Thermal Mailer Bag is REUSABLE, durable, lightweight, leakproof and heavy duty (PLEASE…use the food insultation bag several times).